Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate if I live in Detroit?
Absolutely. The walk begins in New York,  so you'll miss the opening and closing - but that's ok, we'll send you pictures.

I don't consider myself an artist - will the sculpture, theater, etc, be accessible enough for me to take part?
Absolutely. The walk is being made for anyone to participate in regardless of artistic experience.

How much walking will we be doing?
We will be out all day, but mindful of our bodies. So while we'll be up on our feet, we'll also be resting, observing, eating, drinking, lounging and riding in a van.

I've been on one of your walks in NYC - will this one take on a similar shape?
In many ways this will be similar to New York City walks. We will creatively engage the areas around us through the creative focus of the walk leader. The main way the walk will differ is in time. There is a community building element to this walk that will bring participants together over the several days of shared activities.

Will I be able to work things out? Is the larger goal of this walk for all participants to discover new things about themselves?
Yes. There will be ample opportunities for the participants to engage their personal fears, discoveries and prejudices.

Can I take videos/photos?
All walk participants are encouraged to document the walk from their perspective: film, audio, writing - whatever you like.

Will you be filming?

Where will I be staying?
We will have group lodging for both nights.

Do I have to pay for my own food?
Yes. You should budget enough for 9 meals (Breakfast x2, Lunch x3, Dinner x3, snacks)

How much should I pack?
Pack light into just two carryon bags. You have three days, so we suggest 4 outfits (in case you need to change one day), comfortable walking shoes, a rain jacket and/or umbrella.

Do I have to bring pillows, sheets or towels?

Should I bring a sleeping bag?
You may want to (in one of your carry-ons), but it's not necessary.

How much money do you suggest I bring?
You should bring enough for 9 meals and to purchase any incidentals/souveniers. All other expenses are covered in the walk fee.

Will I have cell phone access?
Yes. If you have a mobile phone you should bring it. Charging stations will be rare so, plan to have it off most of the time.

Will I have internet access?
Probably not. Internet access will not be provided, and Detroit doesn't have public WiFi.

Are we going to any dangerous places?
I won't take you anywhere I wouldn't take my mother. We will not enter into any neighborhood known for criminal activity. We will be vigilant and respectful of the city. Respect the space and it will respect you.

I've heard about Detroit tourist spots like the Renaissance Center, Tiger Stadium and Henry Ford Museum. Will we see any of these?
This is not a sightseeing tour. These locations may be visited, but the focus on the walk is on healing ourselves and the city.

Can I make plans to meet friends and/or family while in Detroit?
Yes, there will be a portion of the walk where other guests are invited to join. Please bring contact info for friends and family so you can invite them when that portion of the walk is revealed.

Do we have any time by ourselves or are we with the group 24/7?
Yes. There will be portions of the walk where you will have free time.

What if I get sick?
We have a first aid kit, and if necessary we will drive you to a family doctor or emergency room.

What if I need to cancel?
Because an airline ticket will be purchased in your name, this walk cannot be refunded or transferred.

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